Looking into eggPlant, a few questions

Please let me know if this is the right forum for initial questions (exploration). First post, please be gentile. :slight_smile:

We’ve heard of eggPlant and want to use it in our LAB environment for testing. We have an Xserve and 2 client workstations on an isolated network. We want to automate login, launch of some apps, actions by some apps (new file, change file, save file, etc.) and want to monitor background processes. For now we’re looking to monitor how the new Symantec Endpoint Solution client for Mac works when a user logs in, launches applications, edit/save documents, etc., etc…

What do I need to do the above? Do I need 2 copies of eggPlant? All testing will be done in the LAB environment, so I won’t need to remotely monitor what’s happening (we have ARD for that).


Responses provided via e-mail.