Looking for Assistance

I am looking for a VNC package to help me support remote MAC users. For instance, If a client or someone calls me and needs support on a computer, I want to be able to point them to a URL or e-mail them a file (VNC server, file) already configured for my VNC viewer to see over the internet.

Is this possible? How would I go about automatically setting up a standard profile for my VNC servers to be displayed automatically to my VNC Viewer?

Does this make sense?


Sure, that makes a great deal of sense. You can distribute our open-source Vine Server.app.

Then, if you want you can configure it so that the Contents/Info.plist file has valid entries for ReverseHost and ReversePort. If ReverseHost is populated with a resolvable host name or IP address then Vine Server will issue a connection invention when the server is started.

So all the user needs to do is download it, launch the application and hit the “Start Server” button.

On your end you will need to be sure you have a running Vine Viewer that is listening for connections and (if you have a firewall) that the reverse port is properly forwarded to your machine.