Login to Windows from Login screen with eggplant

With eggplant how do you cntrl-alt-Delete in script

TypeText is explained in the Eggplant Reference Manual. The special keys that TypeText takes are explained in the reference manual too. Look one of these up to find that section.

TypeText “\c\a\D\A\C”


Or, if you prefer a slightly more readable style:

typeText controlDown, windowsAltDown, deleteKey, windowsAltUp, controlUp


Whatever you do, be careful to always release any modifier keys. That is, if you type a controlDown, be sure to match it with controlUp, and so forth. Otherwise, you’re likely to see some interesting things happen as your script proceeds to control-click, control-drag, and type lots of commands that you really didn’t want to invoke!

Releasing modifier keys is really good advice that is to be taken very seriously, in the early stages of scripting I’d suggest commenting on what the expected state of the modifier keys are, as it’s easy to lose track once scripts get complex adn commenting helps you rember that what does down, should eventually come up.

Commenting is always a good idea anyway