Logic behind [Make Collection]

I need to collect more than couple of images and I know this can be done through [Make Collection] from Capture Image process.

I’ve success when collecting two images but not beyond that.

When I use to collect third image, I see the [Make Collection] button is greyed out until I select the 2nd image.

I assume, this can be done when you select Image 1 as this will be treated as parent image.
For Example:
Collected Image -1 with a name “Image-1”
Then Collected 2nd image through [Make Collection] and highlighted “Image”, given a reasonable name as “Image -2” and this can found under Image folder. so precisely, Image consists of both images (i.e. Image and Image-2)
Now I need to collect Image -3 so selected Image-1 but [Make Collection] button is greyed out until I select Image-1/Image-2. But then when I selected Image-3 will be located under Image-2/Image-3.

I would guess the process would be something like Image-1/Image-2/Image-3/Image-4 etc which details the Parent and child etc

Had a look in the document manual but the procedure only describes for total two image collections but not more than this—

Bit confused, please guide me—

Please ignore my question regarding [Make Collection] for images.

I understand the logic behind [Make Collection].

We need to make sure the name of the parent image that usually create and based on that, make sure to elect correct Parent image when selecting [Make Collection].

My test scenario works perfect now.