Logging results as an Image


I’ve a scenario where I need to capture an image as a result so that once the script finish the execution time, I can see an image recorded as a result.

For example:
I need to record an image as a result once SQL query finis execution. So the script is -

Connect “SQL box”
TypeText WindowsKey , “r” // to open run command
TypeText DeleteKey // delete the previous data
TypeText “sqlwb”
TypeText Enter
TypeText “SQL Instance”
Click “Connect”
Click (Text: “New Query”)
TypeText “Select * form database.dbo.table1 order by column desc”

Log “Results”

Note: I need “Results” to be logged as an image where I can see DateTimeStamp for the particular transaction/response.

Let me know if I confuse you.

So now

You just need the CaptureScreen command. The image won’t be the result, but it will be stored with the results and viewable in the log. But you might also use the readtext() function to read the DateTimeStamp and check its value in the script.

Excellent Matt