Log.txt file to .csv file?

How to generate Log.txt file to .csv file?[/b]

The LogFile.txt is an absolute tab-delimited and new-line delimited format that will convert any tab or newline value within the field to and

To convert it to CSV you can replace the tabs with commas but then you need to escape any of the embedded quotes with " and put wrapper quotes around those fields.

You could write a SenseTalk script to do this or you could import into Excel which will export nicely as a CSV.


When you say: “escape any of the embedded quotes with " and put wrapper quotes around those fields” what exactly do you mean?

I am not extensively familiar with CSV files other than the fact that items are separated by commas. How we need to transform the ‘.txt’ file is kind of eluding me here.

Could you please elaborate a little more?


Happy to explain further. In addition to CSV doing comma separation it also will quote any FIELD that has a comma in it. So if you have an address field with

Denver, CO

in the CSV it needs to be

"Denver, CO"

to keep it as a single field.

You can just quote all the fields if you want and that will work EXCEPT for the fact that something in eggPlant may already have quotes in it. So you need to turn those into " instead.

So the steps to convert an eggPlant log to a CSV log are…[list]
[]Change any " in the .txt to "
]Wrap each FIELD with quotes on front and back
[*]Replace the TAB with a a COMMA[/list:u]