Localhost connection refused

i have problem running eggplant script via localhost
i get connection refused

error message looks like this
level=error msg=“Error - Unable to Connect To ((null))Connection Failed: Unable to connect to Server: on port:5901Unable to Contact Server: (10061:Connection refused)” Sub Component=EPF

Hi there,
I was about to say the same I am also faced the same issue with me, How can resolve these Need help regarding this read more

Hi Yaswanth.

Are you trying to connect to a SUT when running your script? If so, what SUT are you trying to connect to? Note that you cannot use your local machine as a SUT as well as running EPF on it. If this is what you are trying to do then you will either need to use a different machine as your SUT or you will need to create a VM on your machine and use that as a SUT.


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I was using SUT and EPF from same machine
Thanks for the information