Loadingissue handling

Hi All,

I have been experiencing in my application is not stable ;it has been loaded but ui elements are moving up and down,

If I use waitfor in particular search area it won’t serve my purpose because the search area is not constant it may be topleft qaudrant or bottom left quadrant ,

I am expecting basically EPF has to read the behaviour of application i.e whether UI is stable or not , after being stable only then only actions(click , typetext, moveto , etc ) handlers has to be done


Hallo Ganesh,
i think that moving icons may be a feature of an app. Hard to decide for EPF whether it is a feature or a bug. But the eggplant doc provides a solution : Results and Reporting
Modifying it to your case may look like this:

Repeat at least once until imagefound(image:RxResult, waitFor:0)
CaptureScreen (name:“IntermediateSnapShot”, Rectangle: yourReferenceRectangle)
put the result into RxResult
wait yourWaitTime
end repeat

Replace the “your”-values accordingly.

You could also store the foundimagelocation(), wait 5, store the current foundimagelocation (), compared it to the previous, and if they are different, the UI element is moving.