List of useful posts (plus)I have bookmarked over time

Here is a list of useful eggPlant related links I have saved over time. They contain a lot of great ideas and I thought they were worth sharing as a collection. I hope they help someone think of something new to do in their automation.

There are lots more great posts out there and I encourage anyone who is curious about extending their use of eggPlant to start searching the forums. :smiley:

Useful SenseTalk Functions:

Attaching A Screen Capture File To An E-Mail:

Best way to confirm images below the page break:

Calling Eggplant script from Windows Box:

calling Function:

Can I create a function to replace if/then/else code?:

Can I read and process all values in a pulldown list:

Connecting to VNC via Execution Licenses:

Does EggPlant have a global library:

formating captured text (string 2 number):

Global Variables Usage:

How do I pass a value back to the calling script:

how to read text from the image:

How to verify a text on screen against a given text:

Launching EggPlant Remotely:

Multithreading and error handling:

Overriding Commands in SenseTalk:

Passing in an array of counters:

Reporting Results on the Web:

Tips for scripting against tooltips:

Writing the results to a result file:

XML Report Format:

How to use Image Doctor:

Working With OCR:

Thanks for posting this. It looks like it will be helpful to other users.

Thanks for these links really very useful links