lines through vnc


I’m connecting to a mac osx machine and I keep getting lines on the screen through vnc. usually after i have logged in. I’m using vine server for vnc but also have remote desktop enabled. I think it’s to do with apple’s remote desktop can anyone help.

Having Apple Remote Desktop enabled shouldn’t cause that sort of corruption. Usually we recommend people disable it but that’s just because of conflicts on port 5900 and the inability to fully configure ARD.

So, I’m not sure what could be putting lines in your display. It almost sounds like some sort of network corruption. Can you describe your network topology a little bit?

it’s not the network, I’m plugging straight into the server and it’s doing it. I have noticed I sometimes see two options for the same server when I’m browsing the network using bonjour. e.g xserve12 and xserve12.local

oh I also have 5 other xserves and they are working fine… it only seems to happen when i turn on apple remote desktop

That is interesting – the two servers are ARD and Vine Server both advertising (they are separate servers).

Which VNC client are you using to connect?


I’m having a similar problem.

I am connecting to two different XServes running Vine Server 2.2. One is a G5-based XServe, the other an Intel-based XServe. My desktop is a mirror-door G4 Power Mac, and I’m using Chicken of the VNC to connect. I’ve also tried using Jolly’s Fast VNC.

When I connect to the PPC XServe, I get the lines through the window like the parent poster described. Fonts look jaggy, etc. When I connect to the Intel XServe, things look/act fine.

I’ve previously connected to these machines using “vncviewer” on my Red Hat Enterprise 4 machine that was my previous desktop with no problems. The machines are also both hooked up to a kvm in the server room, and have no display issues.

ARD is not running on either machine, and I’m connecting through an ssh tunnel for both machines.

Any ideas of what could be going on, or information you’d like?


We definitely aren’t seeing this locally, it sounds more like an ARD problem OR a CotVNC problem (it’s unclear if FastVNC exhibited the problem).
We would like a screenshot (you can use the file upload feature) to see exactly what kind of corruption you are talking about.

Yes, FastVNC exhibited the problem too.

ARD shouldn’t be an issue at all - it’s not enabled on either XServe.

I’ll attach 4 different screenshots in a sec.
(edit: Hmmm…I don’t see the attachment/file upload dialogs anywhere…)

Add an Attachment should have been an option when creating/editing a post.
It should be available now.

Ahha. There we go.

Thanks. Here’re the CotV ones.

Wow. Didn’t know they’d be auto-shown.

Do you still want me to post the other two from using FastVNC?

No response in over a month…any chance of getting some help with this?

Sorry for the delay, we’ve been looking at a variety of items including Leopard release stuff.

We have not been able to duplicate this with any of our internal VNC clients. Can you try disabling various encodings (particularly Tight which uses JPG compression)?