License transfer from Leopard -> Snow Leopard woes

I want to transfer the Vine Viewer 3.0 license from my old macbook (leopard) to my new macbook (snow leopard).

I’ve downloaded 3.1 and gone through the transfer license procedure but the new licence is still reported as invalid.

Thanks for your help,


PS your technical support site is currently down.

I’ve verified your license information. Please make sure of the following:

  1. Everything is case sensitive. Please make sure that you are entering all the values exactly as they appear in the license e-mail.
  2. If you are cutting and pasting values into the license panel, make sure that you aren’t including leading or trailing spaces or carriage returns in any of the values.
  3. Make sure that you entered your hostID accurately.
  4. Make sure that your system date is correct.

People often have trouble getting their license details entered correctly, but to my knowledge we have never actually had a generated license that was invalid.