License Problem in eggPlant Manager

Hello, we user eggPlant and we really like it.
Currently we prelonged our Licence and in case we run a Test Script from eggPlant it works fine but if we would like to run a group of tests with eggPlant Manager we get a Licence problem after we started the group with the “Run Now” button. (The eggPlant Instance is closed.)
We double checked the Expiration Date and we still have the licence.
The Connection status of the SUTs are Successful.
The Agent Status is Online.
Subversion and Command line Commands are available.
All repository Statuses are Valid.
Our eggPlant version is 6.21.

We had this issue a long time ago after Updating to a newer version.

So in case we Run a group of scripts from the Manager in the “Runs” Table we get the Status “Exceeded ePF Licenses” altough our licence is still active.
The eggPlant Instance is closed and the Manager can open it and run it properly. (so no way that two instances could be open)

In the Task Manager Process List we see just the EggPlantLicenseServer.exe running and in the Sercices of the Task Manager the eggPlantManager service is running.

Please help us and give a hint how we can eliminate this “Exceeded ePF Licenses” issue.

Thank you in avance!

Every idea count! :slight_smile:

That message indicates that Eggplant Manager isn’t aware of the licenses (rather than Eggplant itself not being licensed).

When configuring your Agent(s) you can specify how many of your Eggplant Functional licenses you want it to use. It sounds like this may have been set down (or maybe you’ve added a new Agent and did not set a value there).

This might best be handled by the Testplant support team.

OK, Thank you for your answer!


Resurrecting this post…
I keep getting this message “ePF licenses exceeded” within EPM even though the Host Licenser is set up with a valid value and we hold 3 licenses for EP suite.

Last time I fixed it was going back and forth with restarting TestPlant services a week back and again today its raised its head back again - quite annoying…

Some help from the seasoned users please… ?!

Can you log into the RLM webservice? it should be on port 5054 of the server your RLM is installed on, usually the same as your Eggplant Manager. From there you can see who is using the licenses and revoke their licenses.

RLM (Eggplant.Server.IP.Address:5054) -> Status (on left hand column) Testplant -> Licensee usage -> Get License Usage -> find the user and computer using the license and click Remove to revoke the license.

Let me know if this helps,

Many thanks for your reply Anne.

All I can see is just my machine using the license at that point in time so 2 should still be available and there is no reason it will exceed that limit.

I have been suggested to use the IP address itself in the Licensor Host and only time will tell if it will work.