Latest Version of Eggplant Functional 23.1.1 is unable to find Images captured in the lower Eggplant Versions

I have recently upgraded to Eggplant Functional Latest Version 23.1.1. However, when I try to run existing scripts with new version, I see that, Eggplant is not finding the images which were captured when we were in lower Eggplant Functional version.

We have been running these scripts from many years and we did not come across these kind of issues. I have also verified that, the same scripts can be run with Eggplant’s lower versions which is still there in one of my Colleagues PC.

How do resolve this issue apart from the option of installing lower version of Eggplant Functional? Is there any kind of settings that I’m missing to set with new Eggplant’s version?

Thanks in advance…

You try Version 23.1.0. The OCR engine of this version is different from version 23.1.1

Are you able to provide an image of what is no longer found as well as a screenshot of the application under test?

Hey @EggplantSam ,
Kindly ask you to log a support ticket for your issue.
create a support ticket Or via email
Add the images and other relevant information.

Thanks in advance.