Language and Text Encoding

I have a list of languages I’ve been using in CSV files and transferring into and out of eggPlant. However, text encoding gets all messy when coming back out. Are there any other file types that would work with eggPlant in securing that any languages and their appropriate text do not get lost when being inputted and outputted through eggPlant? Below is a list of languages I am using in these files. Can anyone help with providing what text encoding would best be used on these languages? I know this is a lot to ask but the help is much appreciated!

  1. German
  2. Italian
  3. Swedish
  4. French
  5. Spanish
  6. Nederlands
  7. Dutch
  8. Portuguese
  9. Norwegian
  10. Finnish
  11. Danish
  12. Japanese
  13. English US
  14. Arabic
  15. Chinese
  16. Polish
  17. Turkish
  18. Korean
  19. English UK
  20. Russian
  21. English (Australia)
  22. French (France)
  23. Portuguese (Brazil)
  24. Greek
  25. Bulgarian
  26. Croatian
  27. Czech
  28. Estonian
  29. Hungarian
  30. Irish
  31. Latvian
  32. Lithuanian
  33. Maltese
  34. Romanian
  35. Slovak
  36. Slovene
  37. Ukrainian
  38. Spanish (Spain)

We generally recommend using UTF8 encoding unless there is some particular reason that won’t work for you. UTF8 should be able to handle all of the languages you listed, and is the default encoding used by SenseTalk (“put the defaultStringEncoding” to see).

I don’t quite understand what is getting messy for you. If you describe your problem in more detail perhaps we can offer some other advice.