Keyboard problem


I have problem with my french keyboard.

If i use Vine Server with option “Keyboard Layout: current” => no problem.

But if i use OSXvnc-server command line, i have only american keyboard.
I havent found argument for OSXvnc to use current keyboard layout like in interface of Vine Server.

Have you a solution ?



The argumentst that go along with “Keyboard Layout: Current” are

-UnicodeKeyboard 0 -keyboardLoading Y -pressModsForKeys Y


If you want to get the full set of arguments used by the GUI just launch a server and choose Server->View Log. The first line will list all of your command line arguments.

I don’t use the GUI, only program named OSXvnc-server (inside Vine
And this program haven’t this arguments when i type : “OSXvnc-server -?”

Those features require that the Jaguar bundle be loaded. Make sure that you are running 10.2 (or later) and that the bundle is accessible from the command line.

I’m on MacOS 10.5.2
In fact, i have extract OSXvnc-server inside \Vine\Contents\Resources\ which can’t load Jaguar bundle…

If i use the link OSXvnc-server in \Vine\ (which load Jaguar bundle) and use Vine Server package, it work.

So thanks for your answers.

Last question,
Is it (and how) possible to load Jaguar bundle if i extract OSXvnc-server and JaguarBundle.bundle ?

Thanks again