Jenkins for Eggplant AI

Hi. Good day. I am searching on implementing procedures of Eggplant AI to Jenkins. I have found an article from google and it mentioned that Jenkins is integrated as of version 2.1 . The link is . Can you help me where can I find the implementation documents? Thank you

Hi, Good day.

I found this exe file in bin and it seems it is possible to run the test via command line. I am still exploring how I can call the agent to run in actual SUT.

C:\eggplantAI\bin>eggplantAI.exe --help
Eggplant AI version 3.1.0, Compiled on 2019-10-29

Name Description Default Value
bins Number of bins to add for a range 10
coverdb Database name to use ttdb
debug Execute in step by step debug mode false
ePFhost ePF host localhost:5400
ePFsuite Path to ePF suite “”

I think this link explains how to do it(though it may be deprecated)
Running the Agent in Command Line Mode (