JavaScript instead of AppleScript?


I am evaluating Eggplant and I’d say I am liking it (does the job!) but I really do not like programming in AppleScript.
I’d prefer JavaScript (partially because we have a lot of useful code in JS and none in apple script).

Is it possible to use it instead of AppleScript after installation of JavaScript OSA?
see OSA at

Well it depends on what you mean. Eggplant uses SenseTalk, not AppleScript, as it’s native scripting language.

At this time only SenseTalk is available as the primary language for Eggplant. However, SenseTalk has capabilities to invoke individual shell scripts or AppleScripts. I’m sure that the OSA JavaScript you linked to can be invoked using one of these methods.

Before you go too far down that road though I encourage you to give SenseTalk a full workout. I find that it’s much easier to use than AppleScript (or JavaScript), without sacrificing any of the power.