Java Viewer: Can't connect to OS9 machine on port 5800


I have OS9vnc installed on a few 9.04 & 9.22 Mac inside a small company I work for. While I have been able to connect to those Macs with any viewer I used (from Mac or Windows), I am unable to connect through a web browser.

Whenever I enter the following into a web browser (Mac OS 9 or X; Windows Firefox or IE), I get a 404 File Not Found error:

The java applet doesn’t load. Just a 404 error.

Any ideas about what I might be doing incorrectly? The same UltraVNC viewer that I use to view both Windows and Mac on this network works just fine – even the Java viewer.

It is only when trying to use the Java viewer over HTTP with the OS9vnc that I get the error.

Thanks, in advance, for the help.


OS9vnc does not contain an embedded JavaViewer as some VNC servers do. You would need to run your own webserver on port 5800 and serve up a copy of the Java Viewer.

Thank you for the prompt response.

I didn’t see any info about this at your site. Perhaps it would be good to note that – unless you have and I missed it. :oops: