iWork Pages Numbers Template Chooser Window Slanted Lines

[Apololies is this has been discussed – searching for terms like “Numbers” and “Pages” doesn’t work too well and “iWork” came up dry]

On latest Snow Leopard (10.6.2), when I run Vine Server (3.11 1031) as a switched user (port 5901) and then access it via remote screen using various clients (COTS, Jollys) both iWork’s Pages and Numbers cannot display their template chooser properly. The template display rect is blank and, if you resize that window, you will see tons of slanted black and white lines – reminds me of the old days of braodcast analog tv. See attachment

I can confirm this behavior on my system. It appears that Apple is using some nonstandard drawing routines to populate this panel; it looks like it may be an overlay of some sort. VNC is picking up that something on the screen is changing when you resize the panel, but it’s probably not getting actual updates for that area. I doubt that this can be resolved within the confines of the VNC protocol, but maybe our developers will find some magic for a future release.