Issue with Rebooting a MAC 10.5


I have written a script that uninstalls the product I am testing, the last step is to reboot and my intent is for the script to wait until the SUT has rebooted and is available for Eggplant to connect to before I install a new version of the product.

I am running this script on the Eggplant Appliance under a new user “UserX” where the “Redstone” user is our license server.

The Issue:

  • Post-uninstall of our Product, I attempt to restart the MAC
  • A notification is displayed asking for the MAC’s Admin u’name and password (as other users are currently logged in i.e. Redstone
  • The issue is that the OS says it is an invalid username and password.

I am seeing this error even after changing the password to ‘x’.

Have you come across this before? It seems like the OS does not like Eggplant typing in the Username and password in the notification from the system.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.


I can’t reproduce this issue locally, even when I’m connected to the built-in Screen Sharing server (which I thought might have some sort of protection in place.) You’re entering the username and password for the Redstone user, not the UserX user, correct? It has to be an admin user that authorizes the restart.

I was not using the credentials of the Redstone user, but UserX is an administrator.

If you can’t reproduce it then it must be a setting on my MAC, I will explore this some more on my end.