Is this behaviour correct? (VineServer question)


I am running VineServer v2.1 on a B&W G3 350 tower with multiple accounts & FUS enabled. I have the system server running at start-up but none of the individual accounts have VNC servers running.

I am accessing the B&W from a G3 iMac using COTVNC. Both Macs are running 10.3.9.

Whilst connected via VNC, to move between accounts on the B&W I log off from the account I am using from the Apple menu, then select & log on to the new account from the login window. This works, but each time I log off (as a user on the B&W) I get the following error message: “Could not connect to server Connection refused: connect()”. I then reconnect to the VNC Server via COTVNC & get the B&W’s login window, from which I can then logon to the next account.

I have scoured the forum (thanks, many great posts which helped me to get working so far) but I cannot decide if this is a problem or the expected behaviour. My thought would be that the system server should be completely independant of each user login but then I know very little!

Any thoughts appreciated.


This is expected (if slightly undesirable) behavior. MacOS X requires that all processes that have registered with the Window Server shut down when a user logs out. This includes Vine Server.

The System Server includes a small piece that restarts the Vine Server after it shuts down, but in the interim it must close connections and becomes briefly unavailable.

Hi Jonathon

Thanks for that. Not totally desirable no, but I’m happy that I have my installation working as expected & anyway, it’s only a minor inconvenience to log back in again.