Is there a way to schedule runs on the DAI Server, programmatically?

I’m working on a script that will get scheduled to get executed twice a day using the DAI Server Scheduler, the problem I have is that if something fails during the execution, I have to re-schedule the same script to get executed 15 minutes later, is there an API or something that I can use to do that?


Have you checked DAI REST API?

Hey @rbedoy ,

You can use the above mentioned API enpoints or our DAI Runner CLI.
Which is available here for linux, windows and mac as well for Jenkins, Azure Devops and Gitlab as plugin.

BTW. Before investing to much time. The upcoming DAI74 release will cure your challenge.


Thank you @Karsten , Do you know when the DAI74 release will be?

Last release was end of May. Next should be targeted for end of August.
In case you have further questions about the release reach out to your account manager or Technical Consultant assigned to you.

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