is there a way to get the text out of a tiff Image

is there a way to get the text out of a tiff Image . plz note the image is present and not captured ( otherwise RemoteClipboard would suffice)

If it’s a high resolution, like a document scan (around 200-300 DPI) then you can get some pretty good OCR packages for Mac OS X or Windows.

Unfortunately there are very few tools that can reliably read text out of screen resolution TIFFs (96 DPI or below). There is a decent Windows one (called ScreenOCR) which works for Images that were produced on a Windows machine using the standard fonts installed on that machine. But if it was created using a “fancy” rendering engine like the one used in MacOS X or a graphical program like Photoshop them I’m not aware of any current tools that would meet your need.

If you could elaborate a little bit more about your specific scenario we might be able to suggest an approach that would work better. And if not then we would have something to keep in mind for future versions of Eggplant. :wink:

Regardless, we would also be happy to hear about any other tools people have come across.