Is it possible to create a list of obects?

When I create an object, I’m able to access the items in the object by using, object.color, etc. When I put several objects in a list, I’m no longer able to access the items in the objects anymore. Is it possible to do this in eggplant and if so, how?


See the sample script below for an explanation on how to access object properties and, specifically, properties from within a list of objects.

set shape to (name:"rectangle", color:"blue")  //create object
put "small" into property size of shape   //add a new property to the object "shape"
put shape.size  //access object properties

set shoe to (name: "tennis", color: "white", laces: "yes")  //create a new object

set mylist to (shape, shoe)  //create a list of objects

put the name of item 1 of mylist    //access properties of a nested object

Let us know if you need additional help with this.