Is copy file equivalent to CopyFile?

While trying to copy a file from one of our network servers to a drive on the SUT, mapped to a drive on my testing machine(both XP SP3), I found the following anomaly:

I created a script ‘CopyFile’ which takes two arguments ‘Source’ and ‘Destination’ which is supposed to copy a file. However, when I run it the main script fails, telling me the file does not exist, without entering the ‘CopyFile’ script.

When I change the script name to ‘CopySomeFile’ with the same arguments, lo and behold everything functions as I expected. The file exists and is copied to where I want it.

I checked the documentation and ‘CopyFile’ is not a reserved word as far as I can tell.

I guess the question is: Did I do something wrong or is this something that I will continue to run into?

The answer from TestPlant after I sent them the scripts I wrote is:

"After looking at the script and the changes you made, it turns out that there is an undocumented “copyFile” command that your code is hitting instead of your script. You can get it to recognize your script by using the startUsing syntax:

start using “copyFile”
copyFile a, b

or you can just rename your script as you’ve already done."

I posted this just in case it might be useful to someone else.

Just to follow up on this issue. In release 11.31 and later of eggPlant we have moved these internal commands so you won’t accidentally override any SenseTalk behavior.