IP Range Restriction

At my company (school district) we are currently using TightVNC Server on all of our PCs. We are thinking about using Vine VNC System Server on all of our Macs (including Lion and Mountain Lion, but also as far back as 10.3.9.)

My question is, how exactly do we configure the System Server to accept connections from a specific IP range?

I’m currently testing Vine version 4 Beta on a 10.7.3 MacBook.

The IP ranges that we have set in TightVNC for the PC is as follows: - QUERY - QUERY - DENY

Query=will prompt the VNC Viewer for the VNC server password
Deny=will reject the connection.

It processes the IP address in order starting at the top and working down to -

Unfortunately, Vine Server doesn’t currently have any IP limiting logic directly within it. (other than to only allow loopback connections for SSH).

For the precise behavior you want you would need to configure that at a firewall level, which I know can be done but I don’t know the specific actions to do so.