IP adress of current SUT


We run some remote scripts on the SUT and need to know ip address of current SUT to establish ssh connection. I haven’t found any property that describes SUT. Is getting SUTs ip address possible at all?

Thank You

Here is a link that describes how to find your Internal IP address: http://www.ehow.com/how_6646773_internal-ip-address.html

Thanks for easy and clever solution :expressionless:

It’s not possible to get the IP address of a SUT from the eggPlant machine. Getting the IP address of a machine that you don’t already know the IP of is in the domain of system administration and hacker tools. The easiest thing to do is to log into the interface of the router and find the IP table and look up the machine there, but as a user, that’s generally not an option.

The assumption is that machines that you will use for testing are machines that you have access to and can either get the IP address from directly or there is someone who can tell you the IP addresses. The other option is to use network names, since those remain the same regardless of the IP address the machine is assigned.