iOS Partial Swipe

Is it possible to perform a partial swipe up to view active apps on iOS?

With the latest multi speed swipes Apple implemented on iOS it is now very difficult to get the app locker to display the running apps.
You can try a drag/drop from the bottom of the screen but Eggplant only does one speed swipes it may not always work.

I agree with Jaydeeirl but drag/drop from the bottom of the iOS screen won’t work either. Believe me, I tried it. Everything has been tried with SwipeUp and Drag with Drop and DragAndDrop and could not replicate this gesture. Even got rid of the image of the bar that shows up on the bottom of every app that is running and focused strictly on cursor positioning and still couldn’t replicate it. This is all because of the multi gestures and multi speeds that Apple introduced. But good news is that I did find another way to get to the AppSwitcher (also nicknamed the App Carousel) through the use of AssistiveTouch from Accessibility on the iOS. It’s not perfect but it is an excellent option and have used this approach in all of my iOS demos to show which apps appear within the App Carousel in which allows Eggplant to simply close or choose from that point on. Hope this helped.