iOS Gateway doesn't support iOS 12.1.2

After updating my iPone 6s to the latest iOS (version 12.1.2), iOS Gateway is giving me the following error on the Diagnostics tab:
The current Xcode (10.1) will not work with the selected device iOS version (12.1.2).
Minimum Xcode version for iOS 12.1.2 is <>

I’m running version 5.3 of iOS Gateway and I checked for an Xcode update, but I’m already on the newest version (10.1).

Does anyone have an idea on what I need to do to get this working?


Despite the red circle with an exclamation mark in it, Eggplant connected to the phone.

mark.b, I would recommend that you forward issues like this one to, so that a bug can be submitted and the issue corrected. The User Forums are more for getting feedback as to how other users write scripts to accommodate specific requirements and test cases.