iOS Gateway 4.2

iOS Gateway 4.2 is now available for download!

iOS Gateway 4.2 Release Notes

[list][]Supports lossy image compression (JPEG) for manual testing.
]Shows battery level indicator for each device.
[]Adds the boolean user default UseFileBasedDaemonFinding to enable finding background iosgd processes when Bonjour is not functional.[/list:u]
Bug Fixes
]Shows a placeholder image while rebooting device.
[]Fixes a problem preventing two consecutive UninstallApp commands for the same Bundle ID.
]Restarts automation properly for iOS 10.3+ devices following a Reboot.
[]Fixes an instability issue created after running a Swipe command.
]Adjusts the duration for swipes on iOS 7 and iOS 8 to be a minimum 0.5 seconds.
[]Fixes an issue where the Screen tab did not update and/or the status indicator did not change.
]Fixes a problem with discovering background iosgd processes when Bonjour only reports a loopback address.[/list:u]
[list][]Renames ClearAlphaChannel (bool) user default to MakeScreenshotsOpaque.
]Adds TraceScreenshots (bool) user default to diagnose screen update issues.
[]Adds more prominent errors to the log when certain situations are detected.
]Signing instructions for user apps updated to select correct keychain in Keychain Access.[/list:u]