Invoke Eggplant remotelly, via SSH or telnet session?

Hi all,

I think that there is such an option, but I can’t remember exactly what’s the format of the invocation line and also I can’t find it in the reference books.

Can someone tell me how should invocation command line look like?

So, the scenario is this:

  • from windows, do an ssh connection to the Mac machine,
  • invoke Eggplant script
  • wait until its over
  • get results back from Eggplant and Mac
  • quit ssh session



You can invoke Eggplant via SSH with:

ssh username@eggplantMachine /Applications/ script1 script 2 script3

The return value will be the number of arguments to the runscript command that ran successfully, so in the above example if all 3 scripts ran successfully, you would get a return value of 3. For more information on running Eggplant from the command line, please see pages 126-128 of the Eggplant Reference manual.

Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot! I’ll give it a try.

Hi people,

After some problems with enabling public key authentification when SSH-ing to the Mac machine (to avoid typing passwords explicitelly), I’ve tried out that command line invocation method.

This invocation line worked:

“ssh username@eggplantMachine '/Applications/ script1 script 2 script3”

However, I don’t get the number of successfull scripts (although that’s what Eggplant Reference pdf says). Here’s what I get:

[i][size=10]C:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Secure Shell>ssh2 username@eggplantMachine ‘/a
pplications/’ ‘/automation_src/xxx.suite/scripts/scripts/tcverifylogin.script’
Authentication successful.
2005-11-08 15:11:18.791 runscript[289] Loading Bundle/applications/
2005-11-08 15:11:22.004 runscript[289] Approved License: Name =, Remark = , Serial = 6608, Users = 1
runscript (2.22) running in FULL mode on Host:xxx.
2005-11-08 15:11:22.092 runscript[289] +[NSATSGlyphGenerator initialize] invocation. The class is deprecated.
2005-11-08 15:11:22.123 runscript[289] Trying to connect - tamachine3: 5900
2005-11-08 15:11:22.160 runscript[289] Sending Password
2005-11-08 15:11:22.260 runscript[289] CONNECTING TO SERVER tamachine3
Screen Size 1024 X 768 [32 32 0 1]
2005-11-08 15:11:22.557 runscript[289] Connection Established
2005-11-08 15:11:31.638 runscript[289] Image Not Found: doubleclick Error - Image Not Found On Screen “windows/IE_desktop_icon”
For additional help please review the ‘Image Searching’ section of the ‘Using Eggplant’ manual.
2005-11-08 15:11:32.639 runscript[289] Completed EggplantTestScript bounty.suite - tcVerifyLogin.script
2005-11-08 15:11:32.740 runscript[289] Closing Connection to tamachine3
2005-11-08 15:11:32.753 runscript[289] Connection Closed

C:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Secure Shell>[/size][/i]

Is there a command line argument that I should pass to runscript executable, in order to just get the minimal output (i.e. just number of successfull scripts)? I have to parse the output automatically, so that would save me a lot of time…

Thanks in advance!

My mistake. I got it to work :slight_smile: