Introducing Vine !

We are very pleased to announce the newest member of the Redstone Software product family: Vine !

Vine Viewer is a new VNC client for Mac OS X, and comes bundled with an updated version of the venerable OSXvnc server, now known as Vine Server.

When used together to remotely access a Mac from a Mac, the Vine combination offers rich clipboard sharing, giving you some truly outstanding benefits, including:
? Copy and paste any type of data between systems, including rich text, images, URLs, and even application-specific types such as tabular spreadsheet data.
? Transfer files between systems – simply copy a file (or several files at once!) in the Finder on one system and paste it into the Finder on the other system.

Vine Viewer also works with any VNC server on any platform, offering what we hope will be a truly outstanding user experience for connecting to every platform, including these benefits:
? Connection List to conveniently organize and initiate multiple simultaneous connections.
? Availability of remote servers is monitored and updated automatically.
? Full integration with SSH for effortless secure connections.
? Scale your view of a live connection to fit in a window, with full interactivity.
? Easy capture of remote screenshots.
? Record a QuickTime movie of any connected machine.
? Viewer window toolbar for convenient access to many common actions.
? Comprehensive support for most popular VNC services, including all color depths and formats, rich cursors, reverse connections, and encodings.
? Complete, professional documentation of all features of both Vine Viewer and Vine Server.

This forum’s name has been changed to include any and all discussions related to Vine as well as to VNC and Networking issues within Eggplant. We’d like to extend a warm welcome here to all Vine users! If you’re not a Vine user yet, you can get a free trial by simply downloading Vine from our Downloads page.