InternalInconsistency Exception


Can you please explain me what is this NSInternalInconsistencyException
Error(1000) creating CGSWindow.

And also why do we get this error?


I’m guessing that you’re running eggPlant on OS X 10.5. This error is because the windowserver process on OS X 10.5 has a memory leak that eventually causes the process to run out of memory. EggPlant (and all other apps on the system) use the windowserver process to generate gui objects, so when the process runs out of memory, eggPlant throws the exception shown. This error will eventually occur on any 10.5 machine that is run for long enough without a restart and can be thrown by any application. The only way to fix the issue when it occurs is to either log out all users on the machine or restart it.

BTW, this sort of question is more appropriately handled via e-mail to support than on the forums. E-mail is the first priority support mechanism for customers; the forums are meant to be more of a community resource.

Thanks for the info!!!