Installing pango

I have tried installing Pango in to both /Library/Frameworks and ~/Library/Frameworks. Eggplant is not picking up either case. This machine is on OS X 10.4. I tried doing the exact same thing on another machine with 10.5 and it worked right away. I’ve tried restarting and everything. I verified that this machine is running on Intel processor like the other one. Both versions are running Eggplant 4.12.

The error is The Pango Text Image Generator could not be loaded.

Edit: I downloaded newest version of Eggplant, and the problem persists.

I created a new user on this mac and it works on it. I still dont’ have any idea why it didn’t work on the other profile. I did see something in my ~/Library/Preferences about pango as it relates to Japanese something or other.