Installing Eggplant with a license server

I have eggplant functional installing via command line and silently just fine but I’m trying to input the license server via run script as it says to do when you have a license user login. Is this correct or is there a parameter I can pass to it when doing the install for it to have the license server already input after install?

“C:\Program Files\Eggplant\runscript.bat” -LicenseHost

Hi mgasper,

You are on the right lines. However, the argument should read ‘LicenserHost’, not ‘LicenseHost’. You’ll also need to include the IP address of the RLM server machine address.

For example:
“C:\Program Files\Eggplant\runscript.bat” -LicenserHost

Please refer to our Runscript Command Line Options documentation for more information.

Kind Regards,
Adam Muir