inserting command key combinations into a script?

Hi my SUT application has many, many, command key combinations for using the application - in fact it was designed to be NON-mouse dependent.

What is the best way to insert values for command keys/keyboard keys into a script, and do you do that in Live or Capture mode?

I need, for example:

the “Enter” key
the “Tab” key

Please let me know,


On pages 109-110 of the Eggplant Reference manual there is a table of the escape sequences you will use for sending keys to the remote system. You will generally send these sequences using TypeText and occasionally TypeCommand – both of these commands are available on the toolbar in either Live or Capture modes.

Your examples would be coded like this:

TypeText “\cr\C” – control down + r + control up
TypeText "
" – the enter key
TypeText " " – the tab key

In our forthcoming maintenance release, we include support for the number pad keys, the Windows key and the Application key. These last two require a specially modified VNC server because while we can send these keys, no currently available servers respond to them.

Matt Hicks