Insert key on MacBook Pro

Hey guys,

Pardon my naivete, but I couldn’t find anything about this on the forums. Is there a way to simulate the Insert key on a MBP?

Thanks in advance.


TypeText insertKey

There is an extensive set of searchable help documents under the eggPlant Help menu.

Matt, I’m looking for help with VineViewer. I’m not sure if the eggPlant help docs would help, but I don’t have access to them.


Oh, right, nevermind. Sorry, but I think the answer to your question is “no”.

It depends on exactly what you are doing but the following work for different applications:

Fn + Left Arrow
Fn + Enter
Fn + Ctrl + M

Unfortunately, none of those three key combinations is working.

Thanks for your help.

If it helps at all, the VNC server is vnc4server running on an ubuntu box.