initialsuite question

If the script you called is located in your finalsuite, would it still use the images from initialsuite to run the script in the finalsuite?

Storage1 <-Initial suite
test.tiff <- image in Storage1

Storage2 <-Final suite
test.tiff <- image in Storage2
Test.script <-script in Storage2

Click “test” --Would this line call the image from initial suite or final suite?

To me, it looks like it’s using the image from the final suite, and I thought initial suite was suppose to override everything. Is this by design? If so, is there a way to force Eggplant to look for the image in initial suite first?

Hi, Jason,

Not sure what you’re seeing, but if you’ve got an image with the same name in both the initialsuites and the finalsuites, eggPlant will only look for the one in the initial suites. This is true even if the script that is executing is in the finalsuites. I just ran some tests to verify that this behavior is working properly in the latest release. Why do you think the image from the finalsuites is being used? Are you sure that the suite in the finalsuites wasn’t either a) inadvertently added to the initialsuites or b) a helper suite of a suite in the initialsuites?