Increase server logging

Is there a way to increase logging output for the server?

Not across the board. What additional information are you looking for?

I’m getting some display freezing issues that I think I have narrowed down to the vnc server:

  • The display from the viewer (EggPlant on PC) randomly locks up until anything in the display is manually moved/refocused, at this point the cached instructions that were sent while the display was frozen get fired off and the screen returns to a responsive state.

  • The server (Vine on OSX Lion) logs show commands being executed just as I have mentioned (after the screen has recovered). I wondered if there was something more detailed that might show the server receiving the instructions so we can see where the error may lie - the EggPlant script continues to run until the job inevitably fails.

Currently the logs just states that the connection has been made. Last line from logs:
“OSXvnc-server [77938:2d27] Client Connected - Registering Screen Update Notification”

While just clicking anywhere on the screen is enough to force it to recover and continue, it does make automation rather difficult!

Which version of Vine Server are you using (and what is the Mac OS X version)?

There actually is some extra logging both in eggPlant and Vine Server – but your scenario sounds pretty messed up and so we would like to figure out what’s up.

I do not know because i am not regular…

Cheers for the reply Jonathan, but we have managed to find the source of the problem - not EggPlant or Vines fault it turns out.

We are using: OSX Lion 10.7.3, Vine Server 4.0 and EggPlant v12

Because the mac we were using was in a different part of the office we hardly looked at the physical machine. Turns out somebody was vnc-ing into another account using screen sharing, loading up loads of heavy programs and leaving them running - crashing everything around it. We were also running simulators in our session.

Some polite negotiations seem to have resolved this one!

I’m glad you determined the source of the problem. Let us know if you have any more issues.