Incorrect text reading from VNC

Hello Expert,

I am trying to validate desktop functionality.

There is a text that I want to validate and compare it with my test specification. For example, in my test specification, I have “release_number:

When comparing the release number with OCR- imageFound or via “Pattern”, instead of reading it as “”, the eggplant read it as “1.O.O.1”. This validation occur when validate using VNC. In my use case, I must use VNC to validate the test.

Could you advise?

Thank you
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Hey Siti,

You can search for a pattern:

set mypattern to <1 digit, period,1 digit, period, 1 digit, period, 1 digit> // will find e.g., 
put imagefound(text:mypattern) //  true if its found any match

Here is the link ot the sensetalk patterns which is based on regular expressions but more like you would “say” it.
If you like Regular expression you can print the sensetalk pattern

put mypattern // \d{1}\.\d{1}\.\d{1}\.\d{1}


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Hello Karsten,

Thank you for the replied. Will give it a try.