Images captured on Windows XP failing in Windows NT


We have captured images for our application on Windows XP for FireFox browser with the following Display properties:

1024 by 768
Color Quality: Highest(32 bit)

Windows and Buttons: Windows Classic Style
Color Scheme: Windows Classic
Transition effect for menus and tooltips - Fade Effect
Method to smooth edges of screen fonts - Clear Type

But the scripts are failing when run on FireFox browser on Windows Nt and Windows 2000.
Eggplant is able to identify only the images captured for the buttons. Eggplant is failing to identify images captured for other controls like Hyperlinks, drop-down lists.
Is this happening because Windows Nt and Windows 2000 do not support Clear Type(for font smoothing)?

Thanks& Regards,


You are correct. Windows 2000 does not support Clear Type. Although there are certain things that you can adjust within Eggplant to compensate for variances in effect ( search type and tolerance), it is best to adhere to a standard configuration of display settings.

These settings can be based upon whatever you decide, but they should be identical for each machine that you plan to run your script(s) on.