I know this option doesn’t exist in eggplant and I’ve looked around the help file and this forum - but is there any alternative to doing something where if a specific image is not found, then run a command?

Any help would be great. Thanks!

It’s a pretty common operation to write something like this

if not imageFound("MyImage") then
   "do some stuff"
end if

I’m not sure what you mean by “run a command”. But the stuff can certainly include calling shell() to invoke a process on the local system OR a series of operations on the SUT. Let us know if you are looking for more than that.

Yup. Don’t forget the “not” keyword. (or the other operators–equals, is equal to, is not equal to, contains, begins with, ends with) :slight_smile:

I was able to condense this into a handler (at least the reverse, anyway…), to save the trouple of writing a bunch of duplicate code:

to safely action, image
	if imageFound(image)
		put action&&foundImageLocation() into command
		do command
		exit handler
	end if
	throw "No Image Found"
end safely

To call it:

safely "click", "myImage"

This works most of the time. It wouldn’t be all that hard to extend this to check that an image is not there…

I think that answers it. Will be messing around with that - sorry for the n00biness.

Thank you!

Oh, noob - I think this does exist. Don’t assume too much and stay with the question :slight_smile:

A couple more options:

  1. You can also throw the imageFound(image) in a try catch block, and if you don’t find it, do something in the catch block, like a repeat loop that increments tolerance or looks for what application is key (maybe something jumped in front of what you’re looking for), etc…

if imageFound(image)
end if
– look for application menu, and control (PC) command (Mac) + Tab
– apply image filter
– put shell(“some unix command on my machine that’ll help SUT machine”) into SUThelpResults
– other clever things…
end try

  1. Omega13. In the AHDB (run window, at the bottom), type “Omega13”, and if you’ve ever watched the movie “Galaxy Quest”, you’ll get the idea.
    Maybe something didn’t get set up correctly and you need to go back in time.

You have lots of options.


There are a lot of good suggestions here for different ways of approaching the problem!

To make sure everyone has a clear understanding I want to point out that commands like Click will throw an exception if the image isn’t found on the SUT, but the ImageFound() function normally just returns true or false to indicate whether the image was found or not, and doesn’t throw an exception. It only throws an exception if you pass it an invalid image name (for an image that doesn’t exist in your Images folder) or that sort of thing.

So most of the time it probably makes sense to use either a try/catch block around a command like Click, or else to use the ImageFound() function, but you may not need to use both together.

Just thought I’d follow up. You guys’ suggestions worked. Thank you :slight_smile: