ImageName Exception

I receive an ImageName Exception when running the below function. Everything works and passes when I run the function standalone. However, when the function is called during a test case run, the exception is thrown.

note - the function name is not real.

to FunctionName voltageName

set the SearchRectangle to [“path to image”, “path to image”]

if imageFound (text: voltageName, waitFor:30) then

         **set AnchorPoint to ImageLocation(text: voltageName, waitFor:30)**

         LogSuccess blah blah blah

        Click ImageLocation(text: voltageName)+[65,0]

        LogSuccess blah blah blah


       LogWarning blah blah blah

end if

set the SearchRectangle to empty

Click ImageLocation(imageName:“path to image”)

end FunctionName

The code that is starred is the line the exception is thrown on. I tried to do this purely with image searches. However, eggplant decided that is was confused between the images for Voltage 9:, Voltage 6:, and Voltage 8:.

I figured it out. I was just not passing the parameter correctly elsewhere.

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