Image Recognition

I have a web page in which corresponding to every name in a list is an edit and remove hyperlink and some other info.
I have captured the name along with the the Edit link and kept hot spot on the link but many times my script doesnt recognise the image at all when i capture it again and run it identifies the image but again after some more itterations it stops recognizing the image, please give me a solution for this.

It’s likely that what you are experiencing is actually a timing problem. Please read the article titled “Failure to Find an Image That Is On the Screen” in the Using Eggplant manual (available from the Help menu within Eggplant).

If that doesn’t help you resolve the problem, email the Screen_Error.tiff file that Eggplant captures when the script fails, along with the image that you are looking for, to the Redstone Support team (also available from the Help menu in Eggplant) and we will help you to find a solution.