Image recognition between environments with different web servers


Thank you in advance for your consideration and assistance.

Last time I used Eggplant Functional was a few months ago.
Things do change in Eggplant Functional quite a lot.
I think I know the answer to this question . . . but before I take this issue to management I figured I should do some research.

Current situation:
I presume the development team has not used Eggplant Functional before.
I presume their lead hasn’t used Eggplant Functional before.

My manager has not used Eggplant Functional before either.
Its me and two experienced test automation professionals who are learning Eggplant.

My prior experience with Image recognition between disparate systems:
Where I’ve used Eggplant Functional before we were testing a rehosted application.
They were moving from a legacy Cobol system to modern linux/windows systems.
The idea for testing was: the exact same data and functionality found in the legacy system should also be found in the modern system.

Prior experience solution:
In order for Eggplant Functional to recognize images created in the legacy system to be identifiable in the modern system the web server for the modern system was changed to the exact same web server found in the legacy system. It worked well.

Will images created in one environment be recognizable in another environment if the web servers are different?
Is there a place in Eggplant Functional documentation that discusses this? I could not find anything.

A speedy response to this request would be very much appreciated.

Thank You
Tyler Preston

P.S. Yes, I know we could create an image collection containing an image for each web server. We are already planning on 7 languages, multiply that by 2 then by the large number of pages/products to test. I am trying to avoid having such a large number of images slow test execution.

Hello Tyler,

There are a lot of variables in play connecting from one SUT/browser/platform to another. Many of them are manageable and often the same images can be used.

Please see Finding Images and Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Scripting documents in the Eggplant Software online library.

Eggplant Support