Image Description not shown using imageinfo()

I tried this

waitfor 0.2 , (Name:“MyImage”, Description : “Some Text”)
put imageinfo(“MyImage”)

Its puts the following info about image
captureLocation , HotSpot , ImageName , ImagePath , ImageSize , Pulsing , SearchType.

But I did not see Image Description any where.

I was wondering if I try something like this -

        waitfor 0.2 , (Name:"MyImage", Description : "Some Text")

catch theException
–extract image name from theException
put imageinfo(“extracted image name - here MyImage”)
end try[/i]

will it show that some text I entered under description along with other info

The Description will be displayed by the ImageInfo function if you have set the description in the Info drawer of the Suite window. You can’t set the description through code, except when you are using the CaptureScreen command to dynamically capture images.

I have same image on different pages.

I want to distinguish them If I cannot set description on rutime. is there any other way to do it

We looked into this a bit but unfortunately there isn’t way to add an identifier at run-time to add additional information to the image being searched for.

But we think it’s an interesting idea and a creative way to take advantage of the exception mechanism and so we are looking at ways to add it for a future release.

Thanks for using Eggplant.