Image cropping

Does eggPlant have a function where I can crop a certain area of an image store in my image collection? If there is no function, is there someway I can use eggPlant to call on Photoshop to automate the cropping for me?

No, no such functions exist.

The images are standard image files so you can crop them with any tool you like. You can OPEN it in your systems default image tool by choosing “Open in …” from the context menu of the Image List.

As far as “calling out to Photoshop” that’s doable but could get a little tricky. When would such a call trigger? How would it know what size to crop it to?

Thank you for your quick responses. In regards to the opening up Photoshop, what would be the most efficient command to use with eggPlant? If not, is there a way to use eggPlant to call Photoshop API?

We don’t have any expertise with the Photoshop API and certainly don’t have any programmatic hooks to it. If it accepts a file for processing we could help you with the SenseTalk side.

When to crop and the size to crop it to is something I can get, do you have any suggestions on what is the best method to carry out cropping an image using eggPlant from an automated standpoint?

I would recommend the ImageMagick command line tool which is free for all platforms.

You can then issue a call via eggPlant’s shell command. On Windows it’s sometimes easier to write a small .BAT file and call that instead of calling an .EXE directly.

Looks awesome. Thank you so much for your help!