Image Collection - Capture Dynamic Images

I’ve a wired scenario where I see the test results as 100% success when running script with highlighted lines (I mean through [Run Selection]) but I see 0 % success when I run whole script as ones.

Scenario, I’ve a dynamic image (Bell) which will move (left and right) for a certain period of time on windows mobile application and all I did, use Image collection (Make Collection) through capture Image with an action ImageFound () and with some wait command.
So aim is to check if ImageFound and log some useful message else logError and Exit All.

Images I’ve collected so far – total 5 images with the positions.

So script would be like this –

If ImageFound (15.0, “Bell”)
log “Bell Image Found - New Job Received”
CaptureScreen “TEST”
LogWarning “Image Not found- No Jobs received from server”
Exit All
End if

When I run above with [Run Selection], I see script run with 100% success but when I run whole script in conjunction with other script, at the point script fails to recognise the “Bell” collection and thus script fails and STOP.

To narrow down, I’ve tried with Set the SearchRectangle to (“Top Left”, “Bottom Right”) and also Set the ImageSearchCount to 2 but the results pretty same as above.

Am I doing anything wrong here?