IgnoreSpaces is not working...

IgnoreSpaces:on does not work…

I have a value of 231890.

I read it with readtext and it displays 23189 0 or 2318 90 or 23 1890.

Why isn’t IngoreSpaces working? Does it really work? What is it’s purpose if it still put’s spaces in what it read?

Ignore Spaces doesn’t strip spaces from ReadText, it’s used only for text matching searches.

IgnoreSpaces. (Boolean.) The ignoreSpaces property causes OCR text searches to disregard spaces in your text string. For example, the string "My Computer" would match MyComputer or M y C o m p u t e r.

For the ReadText() function, if you know that the text you are reading should not contain spaces and you want to remove them after reading, you can use this:

put ReadText(LOCATION) into aString
delete all space from aString

hmmm, must of misread that…thought it meant it could read MyComputer as M Y C O M P U T E R and not “My Computer” if IgnoreSpaces was off. Anyways, yeah that’s what I’m doing. Thanks for the help!