I am encountering an issue where EggPlant Functional crashes every time I try to run an SQL query.

It does not have any problem executing the sensetalk code to pull the number of records, but crashes while the executeSQL statement has to run. Am I missing anything here?

Here's the code:
set mydb to (type:"odbc", DSN:"TEST", user:"TEST1", password:"Password1")
put the number of records in table "person" in mydb into temp
log temp //Temp is logged out properly

put executeSQL(mydb, "SELECT * FROM person") into Result //Eggplant crashes at this point
log Result

Hello Calvin,

Issues like this one should be forwarded to support@eggplant.io.
We have seen issues where ODBC responds unexpectedly when an entire table is fetched from a database using an asterisk ("*") in your SQL statement. It could be that your table is too large to be written to memory on your system, or that there is corrupt data in the table that is causing an unexpected failure. You might get better results if you selected explicit fields from the table rather than using the asterisk: (mydb, “SELECT NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE from person”). Please try this, and if it does not help, please contact support at the email address noted above for further assistance.